1. What is Corporatiemarkt.com?

Corporatiemarkt provides an overview of residential portfolios and properties that are for sale in the Netherlands and are offered by Dutch housing associations (corporaties). The site also provides the latest news on new portfolios, transactions and regulations.

2. Which advantages does Corporatiemarkt offer?
- An up-to-date overview of available portfolios of various Dutch housing associations
- Transparent and objective price-setting
- A unique platform for all necessary information about the Dutch rental market

3. Who took the initiative for Corporatiemarkt?
The website is an initiative of Capital Value, market leader and specialist in residential investments in the Netherlands.

4. I would like to learn more about investing in residential portfolios from housing associations in the Netherlands and about the regulations.
Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can answer your specific questions.

5. Can I contact the housing association directly if I am interested in one of its complexes?
No, the housing association has selected an advisor to coordinate the sales procedure. Please always contact the advisor listed.

6. I would like to do a site inspection of a specific complex, but I cannot find the address details.
The housing associations offering the complexes have appointed an advisor to answer all specific questions about the portfolio. For address details, please contact the advisor.

7. Can I receive email alerts if new portfolios are added to Corporatiemarkt.com?
This is not possible at the moment, but please let us know if you are interested so that we can inform you when this feature is added to the website.  

8. I would like to share my news on Corporatiemarkt.com, is this possible?
Please do not hesitate to send relevant news to info@capitalvalue.nl.

9. I would like to login, but I lost my password
If you click on login and select forgot password, you will automatically receive a new password by email.

For any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Capital Value, by telephone on +31 30 72 71 700 or by email via info@capitalvalue.nl.