Transaction volume residential real estate investments up to 4.8 billion euros in first half of 2020

25 June 2020

Transactievolume eerste helft 2020 naar 4,8 miljard euro

In the first half of 2020, a new record in transaction volumes was reached in the Dutch investment market for rental homes. A total of 4.8 billion euros in rental homes was sold, which means an...

Dutch residential investment market is breaking all records

11 December 2018

Dutch residential market is breaking all records

National and international investors are showing a greater interest in rental housing than ever before. Recent research by Capital Value has indicated that in 2018 a total of approximately 46,000...

Vestia will start sales process of a 1,065 unit healthcare portfolio in the Netherlands

27 July 2018

Northern Light Groningen

In the coming years, Vestia wants to make a greater contribution to the public housing task in its four core municipalities in the Rijnmond and Haaglanden regions. That is why the sale of...

De Goede Woning sells 3 complexes in Zoetermeer

29 March 2018

De Goede Woning Zoetermeer

De Goede Woning sold three complexes in Zoetermeer, with a total number of 55 dwellings (both single-family and multi-family) and 62 garages. The portfolio has been bought by Grouwels.

Start sale residential complex Het Baken in Deventer

11 July 2017

Het Baken Deventer

Woonbedrijf ieder1 started with the sale of a residential complex at the Brandts Buyspark 39-83 (o) in Deventer. The complex, called Het Baken, offers 22 apartments, 1 commercial unit and parking...

Start sale unique residential complex in Utrecht

12 April 2017

Huis Zoudenbalch

LEKSTEDEwonen & Woongoed Zeist have started with the sale of a unique residential complex in the centre of Utrecht. The complex, called Huis Zoudenbalch, offers 24...

Woningbelang starts sale of 28 apartements in Valkenswaard

03 October 2016

Housing association Woningbelang has started the sales process of 28 apartments in complex "De Rede" in Valkenswaard. It is located in the centre of Valkenswaard....

Elan Wonen starts sale of 54 apartments at the Spaarne river in Haarlem

11 August 2016

Elan Wonen has started with the sale of Aquaverde, a new development at the Spaarne river in Haarlem. The complex consists of 54 apartments with parking lots and is part of the development...

Rented housing stock decreases despite increase in construction production

18 February 2016


Despite significant demand, the stock of rented housing will not increase without further measures. Construction levels remain insufficient to close the gap between supply and demand. In addition,...

Woonkracht10 sells 56 apartments

03 December 2015


Housing association Woonkracht10 recently sold 56 apartments in Alblasserdam and Zwijndrecht. The complexes are purchased by two private investors. Capital Value advised Woonkracht10 on the sale...

Viveste sells 100 dwellings to private investor

01 September 2015


Housing association Viveste recently sold a total number of 101 dwellings to a private investor. The dwellings, 81 single-family and 20 multi-family, are located in...

Housing association Servatius sells Dutch residential portfolio to international investor

05 January 2015


Housing association Servatius sold a residential portfolio of approximately 350 homes to international investor LaSalle Investment Management. It is LaSalle’s first residential acquisition...

Vestia signs purchase agreement for 5,500 homes with German investor

24 July 2014


On 24 July 2014, Vestia and German residential property investor PATRIZIA signed an agreement for the sale of a portfolio of approximately 5,500 homes. The selling price is EUR 577 million. The...

New online platform shows available portfolios from Dutch housing associations

30 June 2014


This week, the new online platform for housing associations and investors was launched under the name On this platform housing associations can publish their...

Round Hill Capital buys large portfolio of homes in the Netherlands

03 June 2014

CBRE portfolio

Source: The Wall Street Journal - LONDON—U.K. private-equity firm Round Hill Capital LLC has bought the largest portfolio of homes in the Netherlands since the end of the financial crisis...

Servatius sells large housing portfolio in Limburg

19 December 2013


Housing association Servatius has sold a large portfolio of 215 homes and 4 commercial spaces in Limburg. Located throughout Eijsden, Gronsveld and Maastricht, the houses were sold to a private...

Ministry amends regulations for the sale of association-owned housing

25 September 2013

Minister Blok

The new regulations for the sale of association-owned housing, which will come into effect on 1 October 2013, were published today in the Government Gazette. During the past decades, the...

Housing shortage in the Netherlands increased to 315,000 homes

10 February 2020

The housing shortage in the Netherlands increased to 315,000 homes at the beginning of 2020, which is 4% of the housing stock. Due to the decline in the number of building permits issued in 2019,...

International pension funds want to invest more than EUR 12 billion in Dutch residential market by 2021

27 November 2018

In 2021, possibly 100,000 Dutch dwellings will be owned by international pension funds. International investors have an unprecedented interest in the Dutch residential market. In 2018, they...

Growing shortage of supported housing despite investments

16 July 2018

Growing shortage of supported housing

The volume of investment in healthcare real estate has been increasing in recent years. Around 300 million euros was invested in this segment in the first half of 2018, representing about 9% of...

Huis Zoudenbalch in Utrecht sold

15 March 2018

Huis Zoudenbalch sold

LEKSTEDEwonen and Woongoed Zeist recently sold Huis Zoudenbalch in Utrecht. Huis Zoudenbalch is a monumental complex located at an excellent location in the inner city of...

De Goede Woning starts sale of 3 complexes in Zoetermeer

18 May 2017

Abeelzoom / Acaciazoom in Zoetermeer

De Goede Woning started with the sale of 3 residential complexes in Zoetermeer. The portfolio offers 17 single-family dwellings, 38 multi-family dwellings and 62 garage boxes.

Waterweg Wonen sells two residential complexes to Accresco Vastgoed

08 March 2017


Housing association Waterweg Wonen recently sold two residential complexes with a total number of 31 single-family dwellings. The complexes are located in Vlaardingen. The first complex consists...

QuaWonen sells 55 apartments in Krimpen aan den IJssel

31 August 2016

Krimpen aan den IJssel

Housing association QuaWonen recently sold 2 complexes consisting of 55 apartments. Both complexes are located in Krimpen aan den IJssel (Zuid-Holland). Complex 'De Meerkoet' consists of 27...