New online platform shows available portfolios from Dutch housing associations

30 June 2014


This week, the new online platform for housing associations and investors was launched under the name On this platform housing associations can publish their available housing porfolios for Dutch and foreign investors and fellow housing associations. This development brings together the supply side and demand side and helps promote transparent and objective price-setting. Initiator Capital Value, a specialist in the residential investment market, developed the platform based in part on discussions held with various housing associations and stakeholders in the housing association sector. 

As C.A. (Kees) van Harten MRE MRICS, Director of Capital Value, explains, “With this initiative we would like to play a bridging role between housing associations and investors during the sale of housing association homes. is a central location where housing associations can offer their houses for sale as entire complexes in a professional manner. In this way Dutch and foreign investors are given a transparent overview of the homes available from various housing associations.”

The first housing associations have already placed their available homes on the platform in cooperation with Capital Value. In addition to an up-to-the-minute overview of available residential complexes of housing associations, the platform also offers background information on developments within the residential investment market, legislation and regulations and recent transactions.

Round table meeting with stakeholders
The launch took place during a round table meeting with stakeholders from the residential investment market. Various housing associations, investors and stakeholders attended the meeting. The theme of the day was ‘Sale of housing association homes to investors’. The goal of the meeting was to share knowledge and experience with the stakeholders and representatives of investors and housing associations on the Circular on the Sale of Housing Association Homes (MG 2013-02) that took effect as of 1 October 2013. Capital Value will shortly publish recommendations to optimise the sale of housing association homes to investors.

Research confirms: an increasing number of housing associations wish to sell
A study by Capital Value earlier this year, ‘An analysis of the Dutch residential (investment) market’, shows that 42% of the housing associations wish to sell homes as whole complexes within two years. Financial factors, European regulations, but also the renewed focus on the core activities and core regions play an important role in this process. The initial transactions, in which housing associations sold 100 million euros in property to investors, have now been carried out. Housing associations currently hold approximately 800,000 homes, which based on the current circular can be liberalised and sold at market value.

Interest of investors in the rented housing market at record levels
The interest of investors in Dutch rented homes has grown tremendously. In 2014 Dutch and foreign investors have approximately EUR 3 billion available in total for investments. In recent months, the initial transactions with foreign investors have been carried out. is also an important source of information for them and is therefore also be available in English.

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